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Axiom1 offers scalable solutions for your hiring and team development needs. Whether you’re working with a small team or an entire workforce, filling one position or making 1000 new hires, our suite of diagnostics tools and reports are a perfect fit for your business. Axiom1 Inventory, designed by Dr. Donald Devine, is the foundation to our method. It’s a sophisticated online assessment tool that analyzes and identifies a series of behaviors that are common to everyone.

Axiom1 Inventory™ is:

  • Secure
  • Fully-functional
  • User-intuitive
  • Completely Web-enabled

Using targeted interviews and survey information from over 16,000 management and human resource personnel, AxiomOne Inventory identifies 33 job-critical behaviors, with pinpoint accuracy. It’s a proven way to classify your staff’s strengths and weaknesses.

Hire Sight Interview:

How do you become great at something such as interviewing salespeople? The answer is practice and timely feedback.  There is one problem with that approach: you hire a salesperson, and then you find out if you’ve chosen wisely after 6 or more months.   Think about the interview the same as if you wanted to become great at golf.  You’d practice a lot, and you’d get feedback from what the ball does every time you swing.  Now imagine if you weren’t allowed to know the outcome of each swing until six months after you’d made it.  That’s absurd, and you’d never improve, but that’s precisely what happens every time you conduct an interview.  We’ve closed that time gap by recording and then analyzing our interviews every time we’ve received performance feedback, and we’ve done this with over 1000 sales interviews.  Do you want to hear more about our proprietary, targeted, and effective interview process?  Contact us today.


The insights from our assessment can also aid you with individual development, team dynamics, and coaching insights.

  • Want to take extra care with a new hire and gain as much insight as possible?
  • Are you looking for ways to create efficiencies in the hiring process?
  • Want to help your hiring managers move away from "gut" hiring practices?

Whether you already know the success criteria for a particular position or you need to define it, CoreSelect can help you pinpoint the candidate most likely to be your top performer. CoreSelect provides a thorough behavioral analysis of each candidate and reports which contenders best meet the requirements of that job. Once identified, AxiomOne consultants work directly with your organization leaders to create and fine-tune success profiles for future hires as well.