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Apes Don’t Read Philosophy…

That’s one of my favorite lines from “A Fish Called Wanda.”  Jamie Lee Curtis replies with, “Yes they do Otto, they just don’t understand it.”

Why am I leading with this movie clip?  Because the head football coach from Vandy, James Franklin, is a modern day Otto.   He watched (I’m reasonably certain he didn’t read it) Moneyball and saw the famous scene where one of the scouts says the A’s should pass on a baseball player because he has an ugly girlfriend.  He says, “Ugly girlfriend means no confidence.”

The point to be taken from that scene was you can’t evaluate talent on falsehoods like that one and be a competitive organization.

What Mr. Franklin heard was a nugget that could be a foundation for the hires he makes on his football staff moving forward.   More specifically he said, “There’s a very strong correlation between having confidence going up and talking to women, and being quick on your feet and having some personality and confidence and being fun and articulate, than it is walking into a high school and recruiting a kid and selling him.”

He probably read Hamlet in high school and said, “That Polonius sure had a lot of wisdom in that head of his.”

Apes reading philosophy…

Here’s my question to you.  How many apes do you have interviewing candidates for your company?  You may be thinking that Mr. Franklin is an isolated incident, but people like him interview all the time.   They may be involved with the hire you make for your next CEO, Salesperson, CFO, Customer Service person, and more.   Thinking like an ape when there are thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake is not a way to be competitive.   Do yourself and your company a favor.  The next time you have a supervisor, manager, leader going in to interview someone for your company ask that person how he/she is going to know if that candidate is a top performer.  Don’t be shocked if you hear some form of the “cute girlfriend” response.

Oh, and if you happen to agree with Mr. Franklin’s perspective, then be prepared to suffer through a 6 win and 7 loss season.